Frequently Asked Questions

Why wear a face mask?

  • As an expression of courtesy for others when you are sick
  • To help block seasonal allergens like pollen
  • To keep from touching your face and infecting yourself
  • For warmth in cold weather
  • To complement your outfit!

Do cloth masks protect from the coronavirus?

Cloth masks are NOT sufficient protection from the coronavirus (COVID-19) and are not intended as medical devices, nor do they substitute for recommended protective measures such as handwashing and social distancing. They may help contain respiratory droplets and protect the face from being accidentally touched. It is important to launder masks between wearings so that they do not harbor contamination.

The Good Dresser does not offer medical advice. For more information about the coronavirus, please visit the CDC website.

When will face masks be in stock?

The Good Dresser makes small batch facewear! We are making more as fast as we can. Enter your email on the home page to be notified when facewear is back in stock.